Recent Update

Ed St John is a seasoned executive with experience that spans more than twenty years in the Australian music industry. He worked with some of the foremost international recorded music groups during a period in which the worldwide music industry underwent unprecedented changes, represented both in the music and business arenas. Digital music became the name of the game, bringing about significant changes in both the distribution and marketing of music. St John has also been actively involved in professional organizations related to the music industry, including having served, inter alia but not only, as Chairman of the Board of the Australian Record Industry Association (ARIA) – an organization primarily focused on promoting the music industry in Australia;  Member of the Board of PPCA – a non-profit organization that licenses Australian businesses to play recorded music in public; and a Board Member of EDC – a joint venture between music giants Sony, Warners and EMI.

Currently Ed St John is a self-employed independent consultant, putting his many years of industry experience and contacts good use.  As well as consulting to the television production giant, Fremantle Media, on two new formats, he is also responsible for all star casting negotiations for this company. Ed St John has also consulted for Shine Australia, another prominent Australian television production company. Shine is responsible for having brought some of the most popular entertainment programs to Australia, among them Top Model and Masterchef.  During the last quarter of 2011, and as a consultant to Shine Australia, Ed St John was responsible for casting the superstars who served as judges for the hit music talent show The Voice, one of the most watched shows on Australian TV. In a slightly different angle on the music industry, Ed St John is a non-executive director of Ordior, a company that offers proprietary software used to report and tract royalties generated by all types of digital content – music, books, news, and games. This is Software as a Service (SaaS) product, i.e. offered over the web, and comes to fill an ever more urgent need in the exponentially growing digital content market.

Prior to branching out as an independent consultant, Ed St John was the President and CEO of Warner Music, responsible for managing the operations of the company in Australia and New Zealand. During his tenure with Warner the company staff numbered 100 employees, eight of whom reported directly to S. John, and its annual turnover was in excess of $100 million. During this time he managed successful distribution deals with a number of companies prior to acquisition by Warner, including Liberation Music and ABC. Ed St John was also responsible for restructuring the company that, among other changes, led to the establishment of digital sales, promotion and marketing.